A super simple way to get your Stripe Data into Google Sheets!

Easily and effortlessly import your data without another subscription.

Easy to use

It’s as simple as copying your Stripe API key into Google Sheets!


Have your data automatically refresh, so you’re always up to date.

Make it your own

You have the freedom to customise the pages till your hearts content

How it Works

Clear Pricing

Pay once, and enjoy lifetime access with FREE updates. There’s no on-going metered charging!


  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Stripe Accounts
  • Unlimited Google Sheets
  • Access Stripe core data (customers, charges, refunds and payouts)


$ 29 Lifetime Access
  • Everything in the free plan
  • Ability to Filter by Date
  • Unlimited Records
  • Access Additional Stripe Data (Products, Checkout Sessions, Payment Links, Billing)


$ 49 Lifetime Access
  • Everything in the Free and Pro Plan
  • Premium Endpoints
  • All Stripe Data


The majority of the Stripe API endpoints allow you to ‘List all X’ such as List all Customers, List all Invoices and so forth. This is the data you’ll be able to import to Google Sheets with api2sheets. You can download the free version to get a taste of api2sheets before purchase.

Stripe sets a default limit for each data point – i.e. List all Customers has a default limit of 10 records. This is what you’ll be able to access with the free version of api2sheets.

To access all of your records, advanced scripting is required ‘under the hood’ to handle what’s called ‘pagination’ where the script will download your data in batches before consolidating it all and placing it into Google sheets.

While the Google Sheets for Free and Standard look the same, the underlying code for the standard version is far more advanced, and you’ll need to have access to this version if you want to pull down all of your data, as well as have the ability to limit the data to particular date ranges – i.e. a month, quarter, or years’ worth of data.

Absolutely. Once you duplicate the Google Sheet & code, you’ll be able to modify the code and build new functionality into the Google Sheets to satisfy your use case. This is one of the killer selling points of api2sheets vs. subscribing to another SaaS product where you’re limited by the features they want to deliver.

Absolutely. Just email me at support@api2sheets.com and let me know what you’d like to do.

Not at all! The great thing with api2sheets vs. a service like Zapier is that there is no middleman. We’re providing you with our source code so you can access Stripe’s API directly. There is no central server sitting in between.

api2sheets does not push any data back to the Stripe API, so any changes within Google Sheets will not update Stripe.

We’ve wanted to make sure as many people as possible have the ability to use api2sheets, so we’ve excluded an allowance for customer support in our pricing.

We’ve taken every precaution to ensure our product is super easy to use, and we also provide detailed step-by-step video instructions. While we are happy to answer some basic questions to help you get set up if anything is not clear, however if you do need more hands-on support with either Stripe or Google Sheets, then we will charge separately for a consulting call.

I can be reached at support@api2sheets.com